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D Walker Art Blog

Hi, this is the first blog I have ever written so please bear with me. I have decided to launch a new art website to showcase my art work and to allow people to contact me for commissioned art and also to buy prints which will be available on my online store very soon.

When I decided to give up my successful Joinery business to do Art full time the first obstacle I came accross was the amount of different David Walkers in the world who are artists. There is one very successful David Walker who is a street artist who is highly regarded in the art world, but who shares my name. Not to mention all the other David Walkers who are doing all sorts of art from comic books to childrens book illustrations and everything inbetween. So I have shortened my website name to just D Walker Art, which makes me slightly different in that respect.

I am currently working on several pieces including oil paintings and a series of pen and ink drawings of places in my home city of Newcastle upion Tyne which will be available to buy as prints very soon. Subjects include "the Cooperage", "the Yates building" and "Bessie Surtees house". These will complete a series of four pen and ink drawings that include "Blackgate" which you can view below. I plan to expand on this series and produce a collection of pen and ink drawings of various places from around the north east which you will see posted on this site very soon.

Thanks for reading and I will be updating this blog as often as possible. David

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