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Back to work

There's not been much time for me to do any art since I moved into my new house earlier in the year. The place needs a complete renovation, but I have made a start and got things comfortable. My art studio is now located in my dining room, which suits me fine. I've had a few art enquiries lately, so it's time I updated my website and get some new projects underway.

The floor is carpeted which is far from ideal for an art studio, but that will be replaced with a wooden floor in due course. I am currently working on a set of pen and ink drawings of old Newcastle buildings, which will soon be available to buy as prints. I am hoping to get these printed very soon. Here's an example of one of the drawings I'm currently working on -

I think the pen and ink style really lends it's self well to old architecture. I am lucky enough to live in an area with a lot of fascinating ancient buildings, ruined castles and old architecture, so look out for more drawings like this from places such as Newcastle, Durham, Hexham and Whitby etc. These will be available as a set of 4 limited edition prints, or as single prints.

I am open for commissions and there's still enough time to get orders in for Christmas presents. Please use the following link for more information on commissioned artwork.

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