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Oil painting portrait

I am a professional portrait artist who specialises in people portraits. I can paint a life like portrait from your photographs.

A high definition digital photo will produce the best results, which can be as easy as taking a photo using your smartphone camera.  

Portrait paintings and drawings make excellent gifts, from a simple graphite pencil portrait to a traditional oil painting portrait.

These can be child portraits, baby portraits, portraits from wedding photos, group portraits and individual portraits.

Posthumous portraits can be an exceptional keepsake also. 

The digital photos I work from need to be as sharp and close up aspossible, so I can zoom in to reproduce the fine detail that makes the portrait life like. Several extra photos of the model is better to enable me to achieve best possible likeness. Out of focus or "fuzzy" photographs will not produce good results.

I can also take photographs of the model myself if required. 

Pencil drawings can be delivered in 1 - 2 weeks, whereas oil paintings will take 6 - 8 weeks as the oil paint requires a certain length of time to dry out. 

I can take commissions from anywhere in the UK and abroad including Europe, US, Australia and NZ. Artwork will be sent out packaged between mdf boards to ensure they arive undamaged, and will be posted via secure parcel service. 



Pencil people portraits from £75.00

Head and shoulders oil painting portrait (approx) 11" *16" £295.00 

Larger portraits and background scenes available on request. 

Good communication is important to me as an artist and to you the customer. 

Initial inquiries can be a phone call to me directly on 07591 202 757 ( I'd love to discuss your ideas over the phone) 

or leave me a message by clicking here.

After the initial inquiry we will discuss style sizes and different options.

You will receive a snapshot of the artwork before it is finalized and posted to make any changes and to ensure complete satisfaction.

Pencil portraits are drawn onto vellum Bristol board paper, acid free archival 100% cotton.

Oil paintings are painted using the finest oil paints available including Michael Harding, Vasari and Old Holland.

I like to paint onto extra fine Italian linen, which is stretched and glued onto a 6mm mdf board to ensure a rigid non tearing and non stretching surface. 

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