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Specializing in oil painting, David offers high quality realistic portraits for sale and on commission.

He focuses on realistic and lifelike portraits, reproducing yourself or your loved ones into an oil painting or a pencil drawing.

I work with colour including black and white.


Colour inspires me. Sometimes to leave a mark with strong pigments to enhance the natural colour and light I see, sometimes to leave a mark in monotone to let the viewer imagine the colour and light I see.  Colour and light are constantly changing and I strive to capture this natural magic with my brushes, pens and pencils. 

I have a deep passion for producing lifelike, vibrant portraits and artwork.
Working from your photos I can paint or draw your favorite images of your children, family, pets or favorite places.
Commission a painting or drawing for cherished memories of children, weddings, anniversaries and special occasions

Original artwork available to buy from the online shop.

Worldwide shipping, competitive rates and quick turnaround.

Click here for more information on commissioning your own unique portrait or artwork.

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